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"PupPouch is one of those products you never knew just how much you needed until you have one!! Our Pup Pouch has saved us on many long hikes. Just this past summer we did an overnight hike where we had to pack everything out and this was a life saver. Plus no smell, what more can you ask for."


"Makes walking the dog so much more pleasant, thank you!"



I Love my PupPouch - picking up dog poop has never been so easy, it's almost enjoyable!


Simple, but brilliant idea! We take it on every walk now as bins are few and far between, and it does a wonderful job of keeping the smell away and isn't obtrusive in size.



What is PupPouch?

PupPouch was designed with three things in mind; Convenience, Environment and Smell. 

PupPouches are the most effective smell containing dog poop carriers: designed to remove the one unpleasant and inconvenient part of dog walking! Our hope is to make dog walks even more enjoyable for our customers and leave only paw prints behind in nature. 


To use, just Bag the poop as usual, Pouch it, then Forget it's there!


Wear it over your shoulder or hips, throw it in your backpack, attach to your leash, or clip to your belt...


How do I know it's smell proof?

Well, at the beginning that involved a lot of product testing and then some friendly experimenting on my sceptical in-laws just to make sure...


After a walk with their two large breed dogs (Bear featured & Chewy a leonberger) who did one disgusting giant poop each, I hid the full sealed PupPouch under the drivers seat! It was there for the 40min car ride home and we had two non the wiser in-laws who didn't smell a thing at the end of the journey! 

Now I'm extra sure of PupPouches smell proofing super powers because my customers regularly tell me they forget to empty it! 


Check out our reviews!

Pic ~ Bear with PupPouch Mini attached to leash with carabiner. 

It's our mission to make every dog walk enjoyable and hassle free.

PupPouch make's it easy to get dog waste out of nature and into a bin - all without smelling a thing! 

Walking the Dog

Design Features

PupPouch and PupPouch Mini

It was important that we use a simple wipe down, non absorbent material which could get filthy and it wouldn't matter. Then it needed to be thick enough to lock the smells in.


From city strolls to back country adventures; PupPouch is simple and sleek, adaptable to any person, day or activity... The logo is BC inspired capturing my happiest moments wandering the mountain trails with the dogs. 


PupPouch comes in two sizes: Mini and Original, and both come with convertible straps: it's is not a one poop pony! Wear as a hip bag, over the shoulder bag, clip onto or throw inside your regular backpacks, or clip to your dogs leash... Choose the style that fits your lifestyle!

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