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Introducing the PupPouch Extra! 


Need a little extra space? Carry everything you need all in one place. The extra has 3L storage capacity in the roll top pocket for full poop bags and 1L storage in the zip compartment. You can carry your wallet, phone, keys, leash all in one place, and when nature calls, the full poop bags can be safely stored seperately. 


Hidden internal pocket for storing poop bags, with easy access from the bag dispenser. 


This smell proof, waterproof bag is everything you need for you dog walks. 


We've included the must have convertable design from the PupPouch Original: adjust the straps to make the PupPouch extra a hip bag or a cross body bag, or remover straps completely and clip to your hiking backpack. 

PupPouch Extra

TVA Incluse
  • "Bag it, Pouch it and Forget about it" for the rest of your walk.... but do remember to empty it when you get home!

    Tip PupPouch contents into a bin so you don't have to handle the poop filled bags twice then leave your PupPouch Open to Air out after use

    If it gets a bit stinky...wipe down, or wash out with hot soapy water and leave to dry! Simple!

    PVC is odour resistent, so the key to keeping it fresh is emptying it out and airing out before the odours get chance to permiate the fabric. (I.e if you forget about it for days or leave it in the heat). If there is any moisture inside the bag make sure it dries thouroughly after rinsing or wiping clean. 

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