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Born in Britain
Created in Canada!

Hi I'm Emma, I created and launched PupPouch in April 2021. 

I'm originally from Halifax in West Yorkshire, and now live in Canada. I grew up around dogs, and I've always loved and gravitated towards them, so it's no surprise I ended up finding a Pack of Pups to hang out with when I moved to Canada! 


(pic - Cassie - the first love of my life @ Ogden Reservoir)

When the 2020 covid shut downs happened I lost my regular jobs, and (luckily for me) became a dog walker for my lovely neighbours who let me spend many happy hours wandering the Whistler trails and having lots of snuggles with their four legged family members!

I spent most of my days with my 'Lab Pack'; Stella, Finn and Pax - three black lab mixes, and it was such a saving grace in all respects during that weird time. 

(pic - Finn, Pax and Stella... are you even part of the pack if you don't wear black?) 

(pic - Enjoying the View from The Chief in Squamish with adventure dog Pax, and the first prototype)

As much as I love dogs, I don't love the smell of their poop or carrying those warm bags of treasure they lave for us!

I quickly got fed up of the smell and inconvenience of having my hands full and juggling leashes, recall and poo bags.
I'd divert off my route to head for a bin, or do the 'leave next to trail and return for it on the way back' method. Both options meant my route choices were being dictated by poop as I couldn't just wander where I wanted.  

I'd see bikers with poop bags dangling from their handlebars, or bags tied on to backpacks and I wondered why there wasn't a solution for this very common unpleasant job.

I made the very first PupPouch out of a popped inflatable and some glue with zero thought of selling them. I'd try to be as sneaky as possible when using it, as I was aware I looked a bit odd putting poop in my pocket or backpack!
I thought it'd be a silly little invention I'd use to make my life easier, but I loved how much better it made outings; from walks, to bike rides to camping.
I realised my dislike for poop duties (and the lack of an easy solution) was not unique, and other dog owners would likely enjoy the ease of using a PupPouch too.

Dog owners are generally a pretty conscientious bunch who love enjoying nature with their dogs -so why not make it as easy as possible to clean up after our dogs? 


After a few months of trying out the right designs, I had a factory prototype produced and sold my first 100 in Whistler -the most supportive community in the world!


Following the support I put my optimistic pants on, invested in more PupPouches for Canada, and also sent PupPouches home to the UK. (Where my wonderful Mum is shipping out orders for me - Thanks Mum!).


So here we are... from poop to product! Thank you for checking us out, and for supporting this new little start up! 


If you've purchased a PupPouch, Thank you so much!


I hope its the poop solution you needed! 

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